Millwork Design Consultation


We all know there are trends in colors, fabrics, furniture and accent pieces. Did you know there are trends in “Interior Trim” also? Our suppliers have spent great amounts in resources to create new profiles in trim, new styles of doors and new series of hardware. Our expert staff can sort through all these selections and create a combination well balanced and suited for your personal taste, your home’s architecture and your budget.

Every room of your home has baseboards, casing on every windows, doors to every rooms and doorknobs everyone sees and touches. Yet they are often overlooked….. Let us make these stand out and give your home that personal touch.

We also specialise in custom built-ins, millwork, mantles, ceiling beams, columns, and any other architectural details your home may need to give it personality and style. We can inspire you, create custom designs and manufacture them here for you. We will also do the  installation  and make sure the end result is exactly what you dreamed of. We will find those areas in your home that need help in creating balanced focal points. We listen to your needs, cater to the function you want from every piece and stay within your budget.

Let use create a look that is inspired by you, created for you and reveals your home’s true potential.